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Two Years Without Worry? There's a Lot to Like about iCAP

Team TFS
Team TFS
worriedTwo years without worry?  If you’re anything like me, even a week free from worry seems like an impossible dream.  I’ll give you a couple of examples.  I was driving my kids to school, talking to my son about his upcoming math test, which led me to ask myself the following series of questions – “What if he doesn’t get a good grade on this test?  What if he doesn’t get good grades in general, which prevents him from getting into a good college?  What if he’s unable to get a job because he doesn’t have a college degree?”

On another occasion, I was pulling laundry out of the washing machine and loading up the dryer when I noticed that the clothing still had soap in it.  Most likely, I was multi-tasking and accidentally added too much soap.  However, instead of running a quick rinse cycle, I stood there thinking “Is the washing machine broken?  If I call someone to repair it, how much will I be charged?  Would it just be cheaper to buy a new washer?  How will I get rid of the old washer when the new one gets delivered?”

When I stand back and take stock of some of these events, it amazes me how many opportunities I create to worry about things.

That’s why I’m thrilled to work with the iCAP family of instruments.  There’s just so much to like!  For example, the Thermo Scientific iCAP RQ was just launched in March of this year and, not only is it compact, user-friendly and innovative in its design, but each instrument ships with two years of warranty!  Imagine two years free from hassle and stress about your instrument’s service and maintenance.  That’s two years of performing elemental analysis with maximum ease and productivity.  With so many things in life to cause you to worry, it’s nice to know your iCAP isn’t one of them.

There’s a lot to like about iCAP….this is just one more example.