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Ion Chromatography is a little different from other chromatographic techniques. Some say it is more niche or specialist, and there is nothing wrong with that. I can understand this assumption; ion exchange chemistry is more involved. Then there are a...
Carbohydrate analysis is a staple of the food and beverage industry as part of labeling requirements, dietary considerations and the macronutrient content of our food and drink. Carbohydrates are also a major constituent of dietary fiber and food add...
As we have all been caught in the eye of the storm of the pandemic over the last 18 months, there is no getting away from it. But simultaneously, there has been another storm brewing. This one is more positive and in the center is messenger RNA, caus...
In my last blog post why we disinfect water, I gave a brief history of why disinfection of drinking water prior to consumption is necessary. It is a positive process step to stop life-threatening disease outbreaks such as cholera and other waterborne...
Water is nature’s greatest resource, and clean water is the giver of life and ultimately is the reason we exist on this spinning rock in the sky we call Earth.As we exist now, there are robust procedures in place for cleaning and disinfecting drinkin...
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