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What a year it has been!2020 was a huge year for science; in particular, the health sciences related to the detection of disease and development of pharmaceuticals. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020 was awarded jointly to Emmanuelle Charpentier and J...
There are a few Ranitidine (brand name Zantac among others) drug manufacturers getting heartburn over product recalls at the moment. This popular generic drug for the treatment of indigestion and reflux has been at the center of product recalls in No...
More Than MonitoringThe Multi-Attribute Method (MAM) for structural confirmation of protein therapeutics involves a targeted search of peptide mapping data using advanced, GMP compliance-ready software, for pre-determined components that are indicati...
Choosing the Right Instrument For Intact Protein Structural Insights The analysis of intact proteins, such as therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) under ‘native’ (non-denaturing) conditions using mass spectrometry gives drug developers unique str...
We’ve got historyAround one hundred years ago J. J. Thomson was busy researching how charged particles can be separated by their mass-to-charge ratio, a technique that became known as mass spectrometry. A technique that would become ubiquitous in the...
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