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What does it mean to be the next generation? You don’t have to look far to find the term “next-generation” or “NextGen” used to describe new technology. But what does it mean to describe a product or service as next-generation? The article Real Words...
What does it mean to go beyond, to exceed your goals? Some synonyms are to excel, outdo, surpass and transcend. These words mean “to go or be beyond a stated or implied limit, measure or degree.” Going beyond is always difficult, but it is the nature...
Mass production makes it possible to bring thousands of gadgets to your home, kitchen and office. The application stores on your mobile devices have millions of products ranging from analyzing the stock market to time-killing games. Sometimes it is d...
The word pressure is among scientific terms used in our daily life. At least once in life, you have pumped up a ball or balloon. Atmospheric pressure is a weather indicator, and as a car owner, you regularly check tire pressure. You feel the pressure...
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