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Do you ever daydream about a surprise birthday party your lab colleagues might organise for you? A secret party that you are completely oblivious to and don’t even notice the subtle hints of confetti bags and unblown balloons lying around. That happe...
Despite my busy schedule as a full-time working parent and tennis team captain, I greatly enjoy when I am in charge of preparing delicious meals in my kitchen, which I tend to run almost like a mini lab. To continuously improve as a cook, I create me...
I don’t know about you, but I can never have too many shoes. At least I do not have a strict rule as to how many pairs I should own. Many times I have set off on a mission to find the perfect shoe just right to conquer the world in, only to find myse...
A combination lock annoyingly doesn’t open until the correct sequence of numbers is used. You know when you are inputting the code and it won’t open, that the numbers are in the wrong position. So, you persistently push the 6-4-2 combo, which doesn’t...
A complete structural insight in biosimilars is critical to the safeguarding of drug efficacy and safety. Understanding biopharma charge heterogeneity requires proven workflows that ensure simple yet confident protein characterization, from discovery...
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