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Seeking superior liquid chromatography separations? You're in the right place. Join liquid chromatographers here to frame discussions and to take your next U/HPLC analysis to the next level.
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Vanquish Neo Wins Best Separation Product of 2022

Just want to share some news with our AG fam! Our fancy new Vanquish Neo won this year's Select Science Choice Awards! You can read all about the award here:

ProductWinnerAS_SCA2022_ThermoFisher.jpg SCA_WinnerBadge_StrokeBlack22.png

All-New HPLC Learning Center 👩🏽‍🔬

Are you looking for trusted expert resources to learn more about HPLC? From how HPLC systems work, the types of applications plus tips on method development & transfer, our new learning center is perfect for you! Packed with educational videos, downl...