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Ion analysis is made better by collaboration. Meet others analyzing cations and anions and learn from their experiences and expertise.
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Resolved! Nitrite determination in domestic wastewater

Dear Community, The goal anion (F, Cl, NO2, NO3, SO4, PO4) analysis in domestic wastewater (particules, hydrophobic matrices) We have to reach LOD 50 ug/L for nitrite, for the others the LODs are higher. I'm thinking about the following, with some qu...

peterjakab by Involved Contributor II
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Resolved! Analysis of plating bath solutons by ion chromaography

Hello,The analytical task is to measure anions and cations (not transition metals) with IC from plating bath solutions.This solutions contains high level of transition metals, what could make problems in column, suppressor.Do somebody have experience...

peterjakab by Involved Contributor II
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Do you use YouTube for how-to-videos?

I learnt from my daughter last week about How-to-videos.Do you know there are "wrong" videos and there are "good and correct" videos?To make sure you cut the PEEK tubing correctly, install suppressors and EGC cartridges correctly and more...please go...