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Resolved! Troubleshooting: Too little suppressing current for KOH eluent.

Hello team, I need your insights on the recent incident we had on our IC. What happened was that one of our analysts set a wrong suppressor current (50mA) for a sequence using 35mM KOH as eluent (recommended is 87-141 mA). IC system was exposed to su...

5kyul by Involved Contributor II
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Resolved! Conductivity Detector Cell Issue

Dear Community, We had an issue with the conductivity detector, so I am looking for any idea and/or related troubleshooting experience. What happened is that the baseline signal is periodically decrease (up to 0.2 µS) and comes back up over a span of...

5kyul by Involved Contributor II
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Compatible solute from bacterial purification

My question is if I want to purifying my samples I have Ectoine and Glutamic acid how can be? I want to use ion exchange chromatography but what we have in the lab is for minerals like zinc and cadmium so can I use the same any advice whichcolumnis g...

Nuha by Involved Contributor
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Resolved! Analysis of plating bath solutons by ion chromaography

Hello,The analytical task is to measure anions and cations (not transition metals) with IC from plating bath solutions.This solutions contains high level of transition metals, what could make problems in column, suppressor.Do somebody have experience...

peterjakab by Involved Contributor II
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IC instruments made for problem solvers

Hello! Did you know we offer an unsurpassed combination of products, support and solutions to address your current application needs and give you the confidence to meet tomorrow’s challenges? Learn about our IC innovations.

Gegnome by Team TFS
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