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Resolved! FINAL RIDDLE #12 - Where should you go in the community to watch educational videos this season?

If you’re tired of streaming the same old holiday movies this year, which new channel can you turn to? (Hint: It’s in the Knowledgebase...) To help you further, it contains videos on The Haleoacetic Acids Regulatory Landscape, Adventures of the Isoto...

Holiday Riddles
Molly_I2 by Community Manager
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Riddle Day 11 - What did the mass spectrometer say to the gas chromatograph under the mistletoe?

We realize, you may just be searching for a small tip to help make your work easier. The community is filled with resources we’ve compiled for this reason and also want our members to recognize that the doors are open for you to ask for more. If you ...

Holiday Riddles
Molly_I2 by Community Manager
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Say Hi

Hi everyone! This is Luohan from China. It is so exciting to find such a forum and so many "Guru" here and I can't wait to find my favorites. Thank you for all your shares!‌‌ My first post on Wechat moments (a social media found by Tencent in China )...

Luohan by Team TFS
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"Hello World!"

Good morning by Salvatore! I am an enthusiastic researcher and visiting professor in food chemistry/microbiology/packaging and food quality systems. You can find me at

drparisi by Involved Contributor
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Welcome and hello from Madison, WI

I'd like to welcome our new members and longstanding partners to - a new online community for analytical scientists and researchers. Over the past few weeks, while watching athletes compete in Tokyo, Japan for the Summer Olympics 磊賂雷,...

Molly_I2 by Community Manager
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Meet the Team

Welcome to the Community! My name is Samana and I am part of the Moderator Team. My goal is to help foster a space of productivity and positivity. If you have any questions about content, posts or simply getting started, please do not hesitate to rea...