Gas Chromatography
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PTV vs. narrow ID splitless injection

Hi. I am curious to hear others experience between the use of programable temperature vaporization and splitless injection using narrow ID liners. Have have seen remarkable enhancements in sensitivity using narrow ID splitless liners, particularly wi...

Why still prepare GC calibration standards manually?

Modern technology are available to automate your daily sample handling. No more need to manually prepare calibration standards for GC or GCMS analysis. The TriPlus RSH robotic autosampler can do it for you, removing possible human error and let you f...


Are you a fan of modular GC?

Have the capability to quickly swap injectors or detectors on your GC may seem an action you really don't need to do in your daily job. But what if something goes wrong in your chromatogram? How much time you spend in troubleshooting before the probl...

Module Changing 2.png