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How to Improve Speed and Throughput for Bioanalysis

Bioanalytical laboratories are tasked with providing high quality analytical results from complex biological samples in a high throughput environment while complying with strict legislation. These demands are compounded by the continued drive to high...

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Optimizing LC-MS Methods for Oligonucleotide Analysis

Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) assays have been one of the main choices for oligonucleotide analysis because it is possible to quantify and identify the oligonucleotide and its impurities in a single analysis. Each stage of the analy...

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Optimizing Analytical Separations of Synthetic RNA

This webinar will discuss analytical approaches to the characterization of synthetic RNA samples, comparing mechanisms of ion exchange and reversed phase chromatography. Dr. Baek has been instrumental in the Research and Development of the Thermo Sci...

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