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Team TFS
Team TFS

Learn how to utilize superior resolving power to achieve in depth characterization of therapeutic antibodies at protein, subunit and peptide level using the novel capillary Thermo Scientific™ MabPac™ RP column in in either stand-alone or integrated EASY-Spray design coupled to LC-MS.

Here we will focus on:

  • A novel column chemistry specifically designed in capillary format for the reproducible separation of therapeutic antibodies and their subunits
  • Bottom up applications to monitor protein attributes such as site occupancy, disulfate mapping at the peptide level

Key learning objectives:

  • Learn how to easily set-up the hyphenation between the new capillary MAbPac RP column and mass spectrometry for intact protein and bottom-up proteomics applications
  • Extend your capability in attaching nano and capillary columns to reliable and robust emitters

Who should attend:

  • Proteomics, biopharma and academic researchers interested in the characterization of intact proteins by top-down and bottom-up proteomics
  • Researchers whose sample volumes are small and who seek to use the capillary chromatography to increase the sensitivity and high throughput of mass spectrometry coupled workflows

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