Optimizing Analytical Separations of Synthetic RNA

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Optimizing Analytical Separations of Synthetic RNA

Team TFS
Team TFS

This webinar will discuss analytical approaches to the characterization of synthetic RNA samples, comparing mechanisms of ion exchange and reversed phase chromatography. Dr. Baek has been instrumental in the Research and Development of the Thermo Scientific DNAPac family of columns. Dr. Kanavarioti has published numerous articles, including her 2019 Nature family article entitled HPLC Methods for Purity Evaluation of Man-made Single-stranded RNAs. We will learn more about their research, findings, and method development process to enable scientists working on synthetic RNA (CRISPR, Gene editing, etc) to uncover high resolution chromatography techniques.


Here we will focus on

  • Specifically-designed columns for ion exchange and ion pair reversed phase chromatography of oligonucleotides
  • HPLC methods for purity evaluation of man-made single-stranded RNAs
  • Applicability of this method for quality testing of sgRNA, tRNA, and mRNA

Who should attend

  • Biopharma and Academic researchers interested in the characterization of oligonucleotides, synthetic RNA, CRISPR, gene editing, or nucleic acid separations
  • People who are interested in understanding application differences of ion exchange versus reversed phased separation of their samples

What you will learn

  • Method development for the high-resolution chromatographic separation
  • How-to select chromatography mode and HPLC column for a specific application
  • Understand practical improvements and innovations in RNA separations using oligonucleotide DNAPac columns

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