Mixed-Mode Liquid Chromatography – An Exciting Development for Pharma

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Mixed-Mode Liquid Chromatography – An Exciting Development for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Team TFS
Team TFS

Separate polar, non-polar, ionic, and ionizable compounds in a single analysis.

Do you want to separate ionic and non-ionic compounds in a single run?  Mixed-mode columns support multiple retention mechanisms and thus eliminate the need for column switching, ion pairing, or using columns of different selectivity in series. The stationary phases of these columns combine reversed-phase with either ion-exchange or hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC) retention mechanisms.

Mixed-mode liquid chromatography is well-suited to retain ionic analytes, whether it is the pharmaceutical drug itself or its counter ion. Mixed-mode liquid chromatography does not require ion-pair reagents in the mobile phase, significantly improving MS compatibility. Most importantly, mixed-mode liquid chromatography column chemistry can be customized to a desired selectivity during stationary phase design.


Key learning objectives:

  • Introduce the latest mixed-mode liquid chromatography technology
  • Understand the unique chromatographic properties of mixed-mode columns
  • Discuss analytical challenges that have been addressed by mixed-mode liquid chromatography

Who should attend?

This webinar will benefit anyone who has challenges with liquid chromatography separations, including experienced analysts, as well as new analysts who want to learn more about this separation technique.


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