How to Improve Speed and Throughput for Bioanalysis

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How to Improve Speed and Throughput for Bioanalysis

Team TFS
Team TFS

Bioanalytical laboratories are tasked with providing high quality analytical results from complex biological samples in a high throughput environment while complying with strict legislation. These demands are compounded by the continued drive to higher potency drugs and long acting formulations which continue to push the required quantification limits to lower levels.

In this presentation, we will discuss how advances in sample preparation and UHPLC columns enable the bioanalytical scientist to meet these challenges.

Who should attend

  • Method developers in bioanalysis/pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Laboratory managers wanting to improve efficiency in their laboratories
  • Analytical chemists interested in faster analysis and enhanced reliability of data quality

What you will learn

  • How biological samples can be easily prepared for LC-MS methods
  • The benefits of sample preparation for your analysis, including lower background, reproducibility, better LLOQ and lower carryover
  • Why choosing the right column improves your chromatography results

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