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Development of Multiplexed MSIA (Mass Spectrometric Immunoassay) - SRM Methods for Proteins Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease and Application to Plasma Samples

Team TFS
Team TFS
One of the biggest challenges in the translation of mass spectrometry (MS)-based biomarkers into the development of clinical research methods is the lack of fully developed tools and workflows to deliver the throughput specificity, sensitivity, and robustness needed for clinical applications. Immunoenrichment coupled to selected-reaction monitoring (MSIA-SRM) allows high-throughput, quantitative and highly selective detection of clinically important proteins in plasma, serum and cerebrospinal fluid. In this webinar, the crucial parameters that must be considered when developing MSIA-SRM assays are discussed, along with how this method has been applied to the study of Alzheimer's Disease plasma samples in a series of studies.
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