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Team TFS
Team TFS

Beyond the boundaries of LC-MS proteomics with next- generation all-in-one nano-, capillary- and micro-flow LC

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Nano-, capillary- and micro-flow liquid chromatography (LC) with high-performing low-flow columns and High-Resolution Accurate-Mass (HRAM) Orbitrap MS or sensitive triple-quadrupole (TSQ) MS is enabling scientist to extend the biological knowledge and push science forward. Next-generation UHPLC technology and separation columns bring required robustness, innovation, and intelligence for discovery, validation, and translational LC-MS studies. All-in-one nano-, capillary-, and micro-flow LC for high-sensitivity LC-MS workflows is accelerating productivity and enabling LC-MS users to get high-quality results every time.


Learning Objectives:

  • How next-generation low-flow LC technology and columns enable deeper, faster, and quantitative proteome profiling
  • How to increase nanoLC-MS productivity, optimize sensitivity and achieve record results for the single-shot analysis of proteomics samples
  • How to analyze thousands of proteomics samples without compromising results quality
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