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Test yourself with our science quiz

Team TFS
Team TFS

Consider yourself as a Science Champion? Why not take on our quiz (hosted by Charlie D. Chromeleon) and see where you place on the leaderboard?


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The rules

Earn as many Chromeleon Coins as you can by answering multiple choice and true-or-false questions about science correctly.


More Chromeleon Coins can be earned per question as you advance from level to level. Don’t take too long though, you’ll have 20 seconds to answer each question but the amount you can earn will lower every 5 seconds.


You are allowed three hints. You can choose from three types of hints - 50/50, ask an expert, and poll a peer. Choosing a hint lowers the number of coins earned for that question.


If three questions are answered incorrectly the game is over.


The top 20 highest coin earners can choose to register and show their username on the leaderboard.


Comment down below and let us know below how many coins you scored.


Good luck!  


Take the quiz 🦎

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