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AcquireX Antibody Analysis Antidoping Application Note Biopharmaceutical Bottom Up Proteomics Cellular Analysis Charged Aerosol Detection Chemical Chromatography Data System Chromatography Data System Software Clinical Research Clinical Research & Forensic Tox Columns and Consumables Combustion Ion Chromatography Commercial Testing Compliance Compound Discoverer Contract Testing Crosslinking Cryo-EM Discrete Industrial Analysis Electrochemical Endocrinology Environmental Analysis Environmental Contaminants Environmental Testing Exactive Series MS Instrument Control Software Extractables and Leachables Food & Beverage Food Contaminants Gas Chromatography GC-MS Geosciences Glycan Analysis Glycan ID Glycan Quantitation Glycoproteomics Glycosylation Grant Writing HR-ICP-MS HRAM MS-MS Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange IC-HRAM MS-MS IC-ICAP IC-ICP-MS IC-MS ICP-MS ICP-OES Immunoprecipitation Impurity Analysis Inborn Errors of Metabolism Informatics Intact Protein Ion Chromatography Isotope Ratio MS Lab Automation and Robotics Label Free LC-MS LC-MS Software LIMS Lipidomics LipidSearch Liquid Chromatography LTQ Orbitrap Mass Frontier Mass Spectrometry Material Sciences Metabolite ID Metabolomics Molecular Spectroscopy mzCloud Native Nitrosamines Nutraceuticals Oil & Gas Optical Emission Orbitrap Orbitrap Elite Orbitrap Exploris 240 Orbitrap Exploris 480 Orbitrap Exploris MS Instrument Control Software Orbitrap Hybrid Orbitrap Tribrid Orbitrap Tribrid MS Instrument Control Software Peptide Analysis Pesticide Analysis mRNA Pharmaceutical Pharmaceuticals Phosphorylation Post-Translational Modification Analysis Poster Post Translational Modifications Presentation Protein Analysis Protein Characterization Protein Complex Protein ID Proteins Proteome Discoverer Proteomics Q Exactive Q Exactive GC Q Exactive HF Q Exactive HF-X Q Exactive UHMR Relative Quantitation Sample Preparation Scientific Paper SILAC Software Structural Elucidation SureQuant SureSTART Targeted Lipidomics Targeted Metabolomics Mobile Demo Studio Targeted Protein Quantitation Targeted Quantitation Technology Therapeutic Drug Monitoring TMT Top Down Proteomics Toxicology Trace Elemental Analysis TraceFinder Untargeted Lipidomics Untargeted Metabolomics UV Video Water Analysis Workshop Vaccines Webinar Xcalibur '中文文章’ ‘活动预告’ ‘组学’

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Introducing Thermo Scientific Xcalibur 4.3

Ryo KomatsuzakiASMS 2019 Orbitrap Power User MeetingWhat are the latest improvements to Xcalibur 4.3? Find out what the AcquireX data acquisition algorithm is, and how it has been improved. See the latest other new features in both Xcalibur and Therm...

Rapid quantification of pharmaceuticals and pesticides in passive samplers using ultra high performance liquid chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry

Wille K, Claessens M, Rappé K, Monteyne E, Janssen CR, De Brabander HF, Vanhaecke L.J Chromatogr A. 2011 Dec 23;1218(51):9162-73. The presence of both pharmaceuticals and pesticides in the aquatic environment has become a well-known environmental iss...

Identification of transformation products of organic contaminants in natural waters by computer-aided prediction and high-resolution mass spectrometry

Kern S, Fenner K, Singer HP, Schwarzenbach RP, Hollender J.Environ Sci Technol. 2009 Sep 15;43(18):7039-46.Transformation products (TPs) of organic contaminants in aquatic environments are still rarely considered in water quality and chemical risk as...

WideBand Activation Technology

Product Support Bulletin 102The resonance excitation process used for MSn in an ion trap device fragments only the selected ion. Fragment ions formed in this manner do not themselves undergo subsequent fragmentation, as is the case in the collision c...

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