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Safety Assessment of Food Contact Materials: The Role of High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry in the Comprehensive Analysis of the Total Migrate

This white paper describes the issue of chemicals migrating into food from packaging materials, the need to assess the safety of those chemicals that migrate, and the role that high resolution mass spectrometry has to play in the related analysis.

Separation and Identification of Polar Metabolites by Ion Chromatography Coupled with High-Resolution Accurate-Mass Spectrometry

The separation and identification of different classes of metabolites requires multiple analytical techniques. Ion chromatography (IC) is an effective technique for separating polar metabolites as it uses both a polar stationary phase and a polar mob...

Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewaters

Wastewater produced from hydraulic fracturing (fracking) contains salts (anions and cations), metals, and radioisotopes that have been mobilized from the hydrocarbon-rich shale layer. When high-pressure is used to crack the shale, wastewater flows to...

What is the Role of a Next Generation Suppressor

Suppression technology is the heart of an ion chromatography (IC) system. Previous advances in suppressor functionality have focused on continuous operation, achieving high-capacity and ease-of-use. Advances in the future will continue to optimize th...

Highlighted Capillary IC Applications

Capillary IC systems provide true on-request 24/7 uptime with no equilibration necessary, taking performance and ease-of-use to a whole new level. These always ready systems can be used for various applications, including, but not limited to, environ...

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