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Orbitrap Tribrid Series 3.4 Patch: This patch addresses an issue associated with an instrument method including data dependent MS2 triggered MS2 acquisition using UVPD activation.

Orbitrap Tribrid Series 3.4 PatchAcquisition crash can be observed with an instrument method including data dependent MS2 triggered MS2 acquisition using UVPD activation.Thermo Fisher Scientific

Orbitrap Tribrid Series 3.4 Patch: This patch addresses an issue associated with possible signal intensity fluctuation under specific acquisition conditions.

Orbitrap Tribrid Series 3.4 PatchThe fluctuation in signal intensity could be observed when performing DDA acquisition with precursor ions fragmented by resonance CID activation and with MS2 spectra acquired in Orbitrap and using Auto Mass Range sett...

Orbitrap Tribrid Series 3.4 Patch: This patch works around a problem in which split peaks could be observed only after instrument bootup.

Orbitrap Tribrid Series 3.4 PatchAfter toggling instrument polarity or eFT state, or perhaps running the eFT calibration, the peak splitting goes away and does not return until the next instrument reset. This was traced to a problem with certain stag...

Orbitrap Tribrid Series 3.4 Patch: This patch addresses an issue where sometimes the Trap Resonance CID calibration doesn’t reliably pass.

Orbitrap Tribrid Series 3.4 PatchIn some instances, the coarse calibration adjustment, that is automatically done behind the scenes, could make the calibration more difficult to pass, while the calibration would pass fine if this coarse adjustment wa...

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