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Antibody subunit analysis workflow on a quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometer: from optimized sample preparation to data analysis

1. Kai Scheffler 2. Eugen DamocAPPLICATION NOTE 72854The goal of this application note is to discuss the importance of proper sample preparation for mAb subunit analysis and to provide optimized LC/MS conditions to achieve conclusive information on t...

Beverage Application Reference Brochure

Confidence in every drop. Beverage Analysis. From routine analysis to high-end detection, you know the answers can affect so much more than your product; they can make or break your brand. This brochure will help you understand what you WANT to look ...

A Sensitive and Efficient Method to Analyze THC and THCCOOH in Oral Fluid Using LC-MS/MS in Forensic Toxicology Laboratories

In this study, we developed a sensitive and efficient method for simultaneous determination of THC and THCCOOH in OF. Both analytes were extracted using a simple and fast SPE method without pre-conditioning, evaporation, or reconstitution. THCCOOH wa...

Evaluation of Novel Solid Phase Micro Extraction Sample Preparation Method for LC-MS Analysis of Drugs of Abuse in Urine and Plasma Samples for Forensics

This poster note a novel sample preparation method using solid phase micro extraction (SPME) coupled to LC-MS analysis was evaluated for analysis of 20 chemically diverse drugs of abuse in urine and plasma samples for forensic toxicology.

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