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Complete characterization of a lysine-linked antibody drug conjugate by native LC/MS intact mass analysis and peptide mapping

Aaron O. Bailey,1 Stephane Houel,1 Kai Scheffler,2 Eugen Damoc,3 Jennifer Sutton,1 Jonathan L. JosephsAPPLICATION NOTE 72511To perform complete characterization of the lysine-linked antibody drug conjugate (ADC) trastuzumab emtansine using both intac...

Maximizing Protein Profiling Using HRAM MS and DDA Methods: Sweeping Through the Proteome Using Wide-Window DDA Parameters

Scott M. Petemran1, David Sarracino1, Amol Prakash2, Bradley Hart1, and Shen Luan1 ASMS 2017 PosterPurpose: Create an LC-MS workflow to perform global proteome profiling that enables the greatest depth, breadth, and reproducibility while satisfying c...

Antibody verification by protein immunoprecipitation and mass spectrometry (IP-MS) characterizes antibody performance and identifies protein-protein interactions

Gregory K. Potts1, Bhavin Patel2, Leigh Foster2, John C. Rogers2ASMS 2017 PosterAntibodies have been adopted as investigative tools to empower research and diagnostic applications in academia and industry. In this role, antibodies have been utilized ...

SelectScience Interview: Mass Spectrometry Inventor, Alexander Makarov, Explains How State-of-the-Art MS is Being Utilized in World Leading Anti-Doping Laboratories

Alexander MakarovSelectScience InterviewThe Hong Kong Jockey Club is one of the largest and most well respected flat racing organizations in the world. The Club has a world class drug-testing facility, on site at the Sha Tin Racecourse. This internat...

An Information System Enabling the Organization and Automatic Annotation of Proteomic Experiments with User-specific Proteins

Devin Lee Drew1, Daniel Lopez-Ferrer1, Emanuela Milani2, Jacob Poder3, Martin Damsbo3, Bernd Wollscheid2 and Andreas FR Hühmer1International Hupo 2016Purpose: Researchers studying engineered proteins or other proteins not defined in public sequence r...

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