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Quantitative, comprehensive multi-pathway signaling analysis using an optimized phosphopeptide enrichment method combined with an internal standard triggered targeted MS assay

Bhavin Patel1; Penny Jensen1; Aaron S. Gajadhar2; Sebastien Gallien3; Jae Choi1; Romain Huguet2; Graeme McAlister2; Derek Bailey2; Shannon Eliuk2; Markus Kellmann4; Tabiwang N. Arrey4; Alexander Harder4; Andreas Huhmer2; Kay Opperman1; John C Rogers1...

Antibody subunit analysis workflow on a quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometer: from optimized sample preparation to data analysis

1. Kai Scheffler 2. Eugen DamocAPPLICATION NOTE 72854The goal of this application note is to discuss the importance of proper sample preparation for mAb subunit analysis and to provide optimized LC/MS conditions to achieve conclusive information on t...

Advancing Mass Spectrometry-Based Large-Cohort Proteomics for Precision Medicine – An International Cancer Moonshot Multi-Site Study

Yue Xuan1, 2, N.W. Bateman3 , S.Gallien2,14, Y. Zhou15, N. Parikh3 , M. Hu15, P. Navarro1 , Y. Chen4 , A. Sickmann5 , B. Wollscheid6 , C.R. Jimenez7 , M.R. Larsen8 , H. Zhou9 , S. Liu10 , Z. Chen11 , T. Kislinger 12 , B. Crossett 13 , B. Hood3 , R. B...

High-throughput Comprehensive Coverage of Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Metabolites in Beer Utilizing a Dual Separation/High Resolution Accurate Mass Spectrometry System

Ioanna Ntai1, Martin Samonig2, Stephanie Samra1, Aran Paulus1, Ralf Tautenhahn1, Amanda Souza1, Andreas Huhmer1 ASMS 2018Purpose: Develop a workflow that incorporates HILIC and RP separation for the high-throughput comprehensive coverage of hydrophil...

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