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A Highly Sensitive FFPE Tissue Workflow by Coupling the Micro Pillar Array Column) with High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Sarah Trusiak1, Antonius Koller2, Alexander R. Ivanov2,3, Emily I. Chen1ASMS 2019 PosterPurpose: This workflow enables comprehensive proteomics analysis of large-scale patient samples with limited starting material. Methods: 50cm PharmaFluidics µPACT...

Optimizing the Isolation Width in Orbitrap Instruments to Maximize the Number of Label-Free Quantified Peptides and Proteins

Carmen Paschke1; David Horn2; Tabiwang N. Arrey1; Rosa Rakownikow Jersie-Christensen1; Martin Zeller1; Romain Huguet2; Pedro Navarro1, Bernard Delanghe1ASMS 2019 PosterPurpose: Maximizing the number of quantified proteins in Label Free Quantification...

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