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Results of Using Re-washed Vials and Closures

This note shows that this cleaning is causing both physical damage to the glass vials and is also ineffective at removing contamination from the vial surface. This contamination is unpredictable and produces interference peaks in both LC and GC chrom...

Identification and quantification of arsenolipids using reversed-phase HPLC coupled simultaneously to high-resolution ICPMS and high-resolution electrospray MS without species-specific standards

Amayo KO, Petursdottir A, Newcombe C, Gunnlaugsdottir H, Raab A, Krupp EM, Feldmann J.Anal Chem. 2011 May 1;83(9):3589-95.Although it has been known for decades that arsenic forms fat-soluble arsenic compounds, only recent attempts to identify the co...

Identification in human urine and blood of a novel selenium metabolite, Se-methylselenoneine, a potential biomarker of metabolization in mammals of the naturally occurring selenoneine, by HPLC coupled to electrospray hybrid linear ion trap-orbital ion trap MS

Klein M, Ouerdane L, Bueno M, Pannier F.Metallomics. 2011 May 1;3(5):513-20.Speciation analysis of selenium in human urine allowed for the first time the identification of a novel selenium metabolite, Se-methylselenoneine. Despite a concentration at ...

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