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Introducing Thermo Scientific Xcalibur 4.3

Ryo KomatsuzakiASMS 2019 Orbitrap Power User MeetingWhat are the latest improvements to Xcalibur 4.3? Find out what the AcquireX data acquisition algorithm is, and how it has been improved. See the latest other new features in both Xcalibur and Therm...

Increased confidence of insect lipidome annotation from high-resolution Orbitrap LC/MSn analysis and LipidSearch software

David Peake1, Reiko Kiyonami1, Yasuto Yokoi2, Yelena Aldefinskaya3, Jeff Gilbert3, and Daniel Gachotte3APPLICATION NOTE 72942• Demonstrate the utility of LC/MS and data-dependent MSn acquisition for simultaneous lipid profiling and more complete lipi...

Evaluation of the AcquireX workflow for deciphering lipidome analysis of neutral lipids from whole insects using chromatography-based methods with high-resolution Orbitrap MSn

Daniel Gachotte1, Yelena Adelfinskaya1, Jeffrey Gilbert1, Jonathan Robeson2, Adane Kassa2, Reiko Kiyonami3, Yasuto Yokoi4 and David Peake3 ASMS 2019 PosterInsect lipids are highly structurally diverse species that perform many important functions inc...

Improved Metabolome Coverage and Increased Confidence in Unknown Identification Through Novel Automated Acquisition Strategy Combining Sequential Injections and MSn

Ioanna Ntai, Iman Mohtashemi, Jenny Berryhill, Ralf Tautenhahn, Graeme McAlister, Derek Bailey, Linda Lin, Ryo Komatsuzaki, Caroline Ding, Seema Sharma, Tim Stratton, Vlad Zabrouskov, Amanda Souza, Andreas HuhmerASMS 2018Purpose: Develop a workflow t...

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