What’s New in Chromeleon CDS 7.3.1? 8 Top Benefits for Labs and IT Teams

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What’s New in Chromeleon CDS 7.3.1? 8 Top Benefits for Labs and IT Teams

Team TFS
Team TFS

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Whether you work in a laboratory or an IT department, your primary focus is on driving productivity while maintaining and demonstrating compliance. And when the latest version of Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System (CDS) (version 7.3.1.) was introduced in January 2021, it delivered a number of important features and benefits that can make your job easier.  


8 top benefits of Chromeleon CDS 7.3.1 


For lab professionals: the power to analyze without compromise 

Do more with less – Simplify run creation with universal two-click Thermo Scientific eWorkflow procedures, now offering dual instrument support. 


Simplified audit trail reviews – Connecting data, instrument and admin audit trails with new query options for fast repeatable searching, helping to simplify administration and data review. 


Streamline MS quantitation and support – You can leverage Chromeleon CDS for compliant mass spectrometers. Dedicated support for specific MS workflows enables the use of your MS like any other routine detector.  


Direct download of eWorkflow procedures – Search online by compound, technology or market specialist to download an eWorkflow template directly from AppsLab Library of Analytical Applications.  


For IT decision-makers: the ability to standardize without compromise 

Reduced cost for faster return on investment – Enable standardization of your system to reduce costs and training efforts. 


Simplified administration – Allocate licenses globally or per organizational unit. Automate updates and run installation qualification remotely. 


Seamless scalability from workstation to global enterprise – Centrally deploy, maintain and manage your CDS with local, regional, global or cloud data centers.


Built-in business continuity – Ensure business continuity and prevent data loss or corruption during a network outage with industry-leading NFP and functionality to deliver 24/7 uptime. 

Support and maintenance agreement – Maximize uptime and productivity with free software upgrades and exclusive 24/7 access to the online eService portal for support and technical advice.  


Want to learn more? 


Take a deeper dive and see all the new features of Chromeleon CDS 7.3.1 in this video overview: 


Explore more on Chromeleon CDS in our new microsite: 


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