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Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Yang C, Ghosh D, Beck J.
ASMS 2012 Poster
The demand for quick and simple analysis of large numbers of samples in agriculture analysis is growing year by year. Throughout the world pesticides are used to control pests that are harmful to crops, humans and animals. These substances can pose a significant health threat and therefore, need to be accurately detected at the lowest levels requested by the governmental authorities, typically at low part per billion (ppb) or low part per trillion (ppt) levels. Traditionally, triple stage quadrupole mass spectrometers (MS-MS) have been used by the food industries for the identification and quantitation of these residues. The introduction of the Thermo Scientific Q Exactive benchtop mass spectrometer provides high-resolution, accurate mass (HR/AM) to unequivocally identify compounds without time-consuming MS-MS optimization. The results of this unique solution are improved sensitivity and precision, as well as unmatched throughput. Mass spectrometric detection with HR/AM technology using full scan experiments, or full scan data dependent MS/MS with a targeted list, can detect as many analytes as necessary in combination with screening for an untargeted approach, using only one chromatographic run. The Q Exactive™ benchtop mass spectrometer with the proven power of the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap mass analyzer and a novel software application for unified quantitative, confirmation and screening data processing, fulfills these demands with higher confidence and precision than a triple stage quadrupole.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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