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Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Stratton T, Ding C, Henrich C, Grensemann H, Pfaff H, Strohalm M, Kusch S.
ASMS 2013 Poster
Purpose: Demonstrate a workflow for metabolite detection and structure elucidation combining HRAM (high-resolution, accurate-mass) HCD MS2 with a new customizable processing workflow using orthogonal metabolite detection tools to direct multiple fragmentation mode MSn acquisition. Methods: Samples of human urine, post-kidney operation, were analyzed by rapid HRAM HCD MS2 for peak detection. Potential metabolite peaks were acquired by multiple-fragment-mechanism MSn for structure identification where an HCD MS2 scan was followed by multiple CID MS3 fragmentation scans. Results: Multiple metabolites for each of four co- and serially administered drugs commonly used during surgery were detected and identified.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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