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Team TFS
Team TFS

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At the heart of science is a search to find the truth. It’s why day after day, scientists hypothesize, test and repeat to find answers, learn more, and ultimately get closer to the truth. 


We believe this journey can be faster and more effective; that science can be accelerated through technology that connects us to the things we need, more easily and seamlessly. That is why we’ve built the Thermo Scientific™ Ardia™ platform. 


The name Ardia comes from "cardiac." It is the heart, the center of the laboratory, collecting and delivering the data that is the lifeblood and source of truth for all scientists. 


Uncovered! 10 reasons to be excited about the Ardia platform 


  1. It meets you where you’re at – It’s a cloud-ready platform designed for scientists running chromatography and mass spectrometry. 
  2. It drives collaboration and digital transformation – It brings people, data and instruments together on a collaborative platform that securely encourages the sharing of information. 
  3. It helps you work faster – Ardia uses the power of the cloud to drive laboratory productivity with fit-for-purpose solutions to accelerate results. 
  4. It brings a whole new user experience – A completely new user interface drives ease of use and an unparalleled user experience. 
  5. It promotes compatibility – The platform breaks down software silos by aggregating data in a data lake and providing access to all instruments in one place. 
  6. It advances your work – With fit-for-purpose workflows, you can eliminate wasted time and effort and get better results, faster. 
  7. It offers multiple deployment options – It can be hosted in a virtual private cloud or deployed on-premise as needed. 
  8. It shows the whole picture – Ardia leverages cloud computing to quickly analyze large data sets for a more complete, accurate and precise picture than ever before. 
  9. It tracks instrument performance – Instrument logs and scheduling maximize instrument uptime and utilization. 
  10. It will be worth the wait – coming soon in 2023!   

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