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Team TFS

Sample prep for solid matrixes sm.jpgWhat’s new in sample prep for solid matrixes 


When preparing samples from solid matrixes, why settle for inefficient and error-prone manual processes when a better solution is at hand?  


Check out these top questions about the new Thermo Scientific™ EXTREVA ASE accelerated solvent extractor:


Why should I consider a sample preparation solution?

Sample preparation is often the most challenging part of any analytical analysis. As chromatography and mass spectrometry instruments become more advanced, efficient sample preparation becomes more and more important to meet analytical method requirements. Traditional sample preparation methods, such as Soxhlet, result in laborious, inefficient processes. Instrumentation can be used in many cases, however, separate devices are needed for different steps and processing can be slow. 


What are the benefits of the Thermo Scientific EXTREVA ASE accelerated solvent extractor? 

The first-of its-kind Thermo Scientific™ EXTREVA™ ASE™ Accelerated Solvent Extractor is the perfect partner for your analytical instrumentation, delivering true walkaway sample-to-vial sample preparation. Without any intervention, it performs sample extraction, in-cell cleanup and evaporation—all in one seamless operation—reducing your manual labor from hours to minutes and enabling you to focus on other lab priorities. And with up to 50% less solvent required in many cases, the EXTREVA ASE system is also a green choice. Minimal interaction, maximum productivity and the power to prioritize what matters. 


What solid sample extraction challenges does it solve? 

For laboratories doing traditional solid sample extraction, the EXTREVA ASE system solves many challenges. Specifically, traditional extraction methods are: 

  • too time-consuming 
  • often inconsistent (in sample extraction and concentration)
  • unreliable in meeting method recoveries and reproducibility
  • prone to errors
  • require large volumes of solvent use
  • deliver low sample throughput
  • require constant attention
  • are unreliable with sample data tracking and integrity 


What are the primary system benefits? 


The EXTREVA ASE system features: 

  • Parallel or serial sample extraction – Up to 4 samples can be simultaneously extracted and concentrated or they can be done sequentially, which increases sample throughput and lab productivity 
  • Automation – Samples are prepared with minimal user interaction while ensuring precision and accuracy 
  • Combines extraction and evaporation into one fully automated platform – Only one method needs to be run for a complete workflow, providing the first true walkaway sample-to-vial process. It eliminates manual sample transfer and the need for multiple instruments with different controlling software.
  • Dynamic gas-assisted extraction – Saves time and solvent required for extracting samples, which also reduces lab costs. 
  • Concentration with automated endpoint detection by artificial intelligence machine vision – Improves data quality and consistency while eliminating constant user monitoring of the endpoint and the need to interrupt the instrument to remove finished samples. 
  • 2D barcode reading – Tracks and saves sample extraction methods on the instrument or through Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System (CDS) software.  


Want to learn more? 


Take a deeper dive and see all the new features of the EXTREVA ASE accelerated solvent extractor here. 



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Team TFS
Team TFS

What is the biggest challenge in your sample prep process when extracting from solid matrices? 

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