Top challenges in measuring migration from food contact materials

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Top challenges in measuring migration from food contact materials

Team TFS
Team TFS

101122 Food Contact Analysis.jpgThree panelists discuss compound libraries, analytical techniques and workflows.


When it comes to migration from food contact materials, compound identification is a huge focus — but also a real challenge. Today’s laboratories often struggle with incomplete or disparate libraries, changing regulatory guidelines and increased regulatory pressure. 

In addressing these challenges, today’s food testing labs want to know: 

  • How can we increase our identification efforts by expanding our list of compounds? 
  • Which analytical technologies can help achieve the widest analytical scope? 
  • How can we increase confidence in our compound identification? 
  • What are some practical ways our supplier partners can help us? What helpful resources can they provide (think libraries, software and workflow)?    

101122 pull quote.pngThese are a few of the questions answered during our recent scientific roundtable series called Emerging Trends in Food Testing.  


In case you missed our April 7 discussion on Measuring Migration from Food Contact Materials, here’s why you may want to tune in to the recording 


This session featured three panelists—all experts in the field of food testing: 

  • Dr. Yelena Sapozhnikova, Research Scientist, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service 
  • Christina Nerín, Professor of Analytical Chemistry, University of Zaragoza 
  • Tim Stratton, Manage of Library Technologies, Thermo Fisher Scientific 

During the discussion, the panelists covered three hot topics: 

  • the key approaches to address business and regulatory pressures for measuring migration from food contact materials 
  • what the future looks like in this field 
  • what near-term analytical characterization questions can be solved more rapidly with mass spectrometry and why 

The event includes an engaging 20-minute Q&A session. 


Want to hear the discussion and learn more about measuring migration from food contact materials? We encourage you to listen to the recording today. 


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To learn more about the first roundtable discussion on pesticides, click here.




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