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Top-Down Proteomics on Orbitrap-Based Mass Spectrometers

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Compton P, Damoc E, Denisov E, Tran JC, Ahlf DR, Wieghaus A, Senko MW, Horning SR, Makarov A, Kelleher NL.
ASMS 2011 Poster
Next generation orbitrap-based instruments provide unsurpassed performance for the analysis of intact protein ions generated via ESI in an LC-MS environment. The factor most limiting in these analyses is the residual pressure in the Orbitrap itself. However, utilizing the express scan mode successfully mitigates pressure issues by limiting detection to the first isotopic beat. The short transient mode provides excellent signal to noise and can be calibrated to provide intact masses with sufficient accuracy for ProSight PC 2.0 based searching. With the Orbitrap Elite platform, and the many fragmentation techniques it offers, 237 unique accession numbers were i.d.’d from 18,742 identification events. The resolution, speed and sensitivity of the Q Exactive and Orbitrap Elite allow the boundaries of top-down proteomics to be extended.

Northwestern University, Chicago IL.
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