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Top Down Mass Spectrometry With Multiple MS/MS Strategies to Identify Age-related Proteoform Changes in Tear Fluid

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Daniel Lopez-Ferrer1, Romain Huguet1, David Horn1, Peter M Raus2, Greg Foster1, Vlad Zabrouskov1, Andreas FR Huhmer1, Peter DEM Verhaert3
ASMS 2018
Mass spectrometry based proteomics is the preferred method for in-depth characterization of the protein components of biological systems. Here we want to demonstrate the potential of top-down proteomics for mapping proteoform diversity. To this end, we have developed an standardized method to map proteoform diversity in tear fluid using UVPD fragmentation and high resolution accurate mass detection using Orbitrap technology. This method enables not only the identification and quantification of thousands of proteoforms with minimal sample preparation. But it has also the potential to stratify individuals according to their proteoform fingerprint. In addition, this workflow requires minimal sample preparation and allows for the interrogation of proteins in their intact state. This workflow was applied to map the tear fluid proteoform landscape in the context of age-related changes in the protein composition.

1 Thermo Fisher Scientific, 355 River Oaks Pkwy, San Jose, CA, USA 2 Miró Center for Oculoplastic Surgery, Geel, Belgium 3 ProteoFormiX, Beerse, Belgium
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