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Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II

Product Brochure
MSIA™ Disposable Automation Research Tips (D.A.R.T.’S®) are the next generation immunoaffinity approach providing a simple way to enrich and concentrate target proteins for down-stream mass spectometric analysis. The Thermo Scientific MSIA utilizes a 300 μL pipette tip embedded with a proprietary, highly porous immunoaffinity column in which the antibody is immobilized using a quick and easy protocol. The enrichment steps involve sample binding, wash and elution by cycling sample and various reagents rapidly through the micro-column in the pipette tip. The reliable MSIA protocols can be performed manually on our new Thermo Scientific Finnpipette Novus i Multichannel Electronic Pipettes (for immuno-precipitation) or in a high-throughput format using our Thermo Scientific Versette Automated Liquid Handling Platform. Furthermore, Protein A/G and Avidin universal MSIA tips provide the flexibility to tailor the tips for specific target analyte applications by using your antibodies of choice. For more information on how to integrate your current assays into our MSIA workflow, please contact your local sales representative or complete the request form at
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