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Thermo Scientific Exactive Plus High Resolution MS for Quan/Qual analysis – A focus on quantification in clinical research labs

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Rochat B, Bromirski M.
For the last decade, high-resolution mass spectrometers (HR-MS) have been associated with qualitative analyses while triple quadrupole MS (TQ-MS) have been associated with routine quantitative analyses. However, for an increasing number of mass spectrometrists, a shift of paradigm is taking place: today’s HR-MS instruments performing HR-full scan acquisition are as robust for quantitative analysis as TQ-MS. HR-MS allow quantitative/qualitative (Quan/Qual) analyses that will be the step forward for clinical research labs. Exactive Plus HR-MS, an orbitrap stand alone instrument, is an excellent example in this transition: it allows robust targeted quantification and semi-quantification of cell/drug metabolites allowing metabotyping. This last point is the real reason to move for HR-MS because metabotyping will bring valuable information for research purposes and eventually for developing products for use in personalized medicine. Some other significant advantages of LC-MS analysis using HR-MS will be discussed. In this webinar, we will present and discuss various quantitative methods (anticancer and antifungal agents, immunosupressants, vitamin D, hepcidin and amino-acids) performed using LC-Exactive Plus HR in a clinical research environment. Some suggestions for guidelines and acceptance criteria will be given for quantitative analyses using Exactive Plus HR-MS. The goal will be to help or convince mass spectrometrists who perform quantitative analysis with TQ-MS to make the transition to Quan(/Qual) analyses using HR-MS.
Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Facility, Université de Lausanne and Thermo Fisher Scientific
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