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Thermo Scientific ExactFinder Software for Targeted and General Unknown Screening

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II

March 3, 2011 Qualitative and quantitative workflows in one easy-to-use software program n the past, laboratories utilized multiple mass spectrometers and data processing packages in a qualitative and quantitative workflow. With ExactFinder software, qualitative and quantitative data processing are combined in a single, intuitive software package. Confident identification and easy quantitation ExactFinder software readily addresses applications where hundreds of compounds are screened, identified, confirmed, and quantified. High confidence in screening results is achieved with full-scan high-resolution, accurate-mass (HR/AM) spectral data and multiple forms of compound identification: - HR/AM spectral library search -- over 3000 mass spectra for over 1000 compounds relevant to targeted and general unknown screening applications - Isotope pattern matching - Built-in ChemSpider search The power of Thermo Scientific Orbitrap technology with high-resolution accurate mass capabilities Orbitrap and Exactive series high-performance LC-MS systems with HR/ AM capabilities are ideally suited for the ExactFinder qualitative and quantitative workflow. The systems provide full-scan mass spectral data with mass resolution up to 100,000 FWHM, and mass accuracy within 2 ppm. The superior resolving power and mass accuracy enable accurate mass confirmation of compounds including isobaric species that differ only by a few milli-mass units. HR/AM data helps eliminate analytical false positives and false negatives due to interfering matrix components at masses close to the analytes of interest, thereby increasing confidence in results. The systems also offer complete sample coverage and retrospective data analysis, thereby making it possible to screen previously acquired data for new target compounds.

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