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Thermo Fisher Scientific's Exactive LC-MS Wins Prestigious ACHEMA Innovation Award

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II

May 22, 2009 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. today announced that it has been presented with the ACHEMA 2009 Innovation Award for the category of Laboratory and Analytical Techniques. The PROCESS Innovation Award honors the most innovative technologies and equipment at ACHEMA, the world forum of the chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology industries, which in 2009 had more than 4000 exhibitors. The ground-breaking Thermo Scientific Exactive was selected from a field of eighteen entrants. The ACHEMA Innovation Awards are presented by the publishers of PROCESS, PharmaTEC and LaborPraxis magazines. The Thermo Scientific Exactive is a high resolution benchtop LC-MS for simple and complex sample screening in a wide range of applications, including environmental, drug discovery, pharmaceutical and clinical/toxicology. The Exactive is the first benchtop mass spectrometer powered by Orbitrap technology. The Exactive provides fast, sensitive, reliable, and confident detection and identification of compounds in complex mixtures while maintaining full compatibility with U-HPLC and fast chromatography. The Orbitrap mass analyzer is the first fundamentally new development in mass spectrometry in the last 25 years. The high resolving power, mass accuracy and dynamic range of the Orbitrap technology allows rigorous characterization of complex mixtures even in the absence of precursor ion mass selection. The Thermo Scientific Exactive features an easy-to-use workflow enabler and productivity platform that makes this high-end research tool available to more users, including non-mass spectrometry specialists. “We are delighted that the innovative technology within the Exactive has been recognized with this new ACHEMA award,” said Greg Herrema, president of scientific instruments at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Since we launched Exactive at ASMS 2008, it has been very well-received and also recently earned recognition at the Pittcon 2009 Editors' Awards. This Process Innovation Award is testament to the innovative design of the Exactive and the unique benefits that the instrument offers the scientific community.” The Exactive is available with new Pathfinder analysis software, providing ease-of-use and access to advanced Orbitrap technology by non-expert users. Pathfinder software enables users to easily find the right workflow for the right analysis. By following the Pathfinder's intuitive interface and using developed methods, new users can quickly generate analytical answers without extensive training or detailed knowledge of the LC/MS system. With Pathfinder, users simply log in samples, select a pre-defined LC-MS method, and automatically receive their sample report.

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