Struggling to write research grants and funding proposals? Grant and Funding Central can help

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Struggling to write research grants and funding proposals? Grant and Funding Central can help

Team TFS
Team TFS

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Making new research discoveries often requires the latest scientific instrumentation, which also demands extra funding. That’s where research grants and outside funding sources can be tremendously helpful. 


While the funding is out there, the process of writing grants and submitting proposals for funding is demanding, time-consuming and stressful.  


Whether you’re at the beginning of your grant writing career or you are a seasoned scientist who has been doing this for decades, Grant and Funding Central can be a helpful resource.   


Your top questions, answered


What is Grant and Funding Central? 
It’s a comprehensive Thermo Fisher Scientific resource designed to assist you with your grant and funding proposals. Using Grant and Funding Central, you have access to online resources and a global team of more than 120,000 colleagues, who can offer valuable knowledge and experience to help support your efforts. 


How can Grant and Funding Central help me secure funding for high-end research work? 
Our grant submission support starts with our website, which houses a repository of tools and resources to assist with your grant writing efforts. Beyond that, you have direct access to our technical experts who can help you gather the right information from publications and other relevant sources. This helps you submit the most accurate and well-supported research grant proposal or funding application. 


What if I need a new instrument but don’t know which is best for my analytical needs? 
We can help there, too. Our team can help you determine the ideal instrument for your high-sensitivity and high-selectivity analytical needs and provide you with a quote.  We can also conduct instrument demonstrations and help you with preliminary data proof points to substantiate your proposed experiment. 


What kind of grants can you help me go after? 
With the support of Grant and Funding Central, you can tap into government funding and research grants like those from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF) and other federal funding organizations. 


What does your team actually do (and not do)? 
Our team provides the reference information to support your proposed experiment and funding application. We also provide guidance to select the right instrument and help you with data proof points, and can help you with budget planning and finances required for a successful grant application. We don’t assist with the writing process itself. 


What tools are available? 
We offer many resources for grant submission on our website, including strategies for writing the NIH instrumentation grant and S10 grants, expert grant writing tips for high-end instrumentation and specific information for grants about mass spectrometers.  


Want to learn more? 
Check out our Grant and Funding Central site for additional resources and information.

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