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Stable Isotope-Labeled Parathyroid Hormone as an Immunocapture and Digestion Efficiency Standard for MS-Based Immunoassays

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Bomgarden RD, Krastins B, Hommema EL, Nedelkov D, Lopez MF, Rogers JC
HUPO 2012 Poster
Purpose: Apply a mass spectrometric immunoassay-selective reaction monitoring (MSIA-SRM) assay to measure intact and truncated parathyroid hormone (PTH) isoforms in plasma using a stable isotope-labeled (heavy) protein standard for control of immunocapture and digestion efficiency. Methods: Recombinant heavy PTH was expressed using a novel human cell-free, in vitro translation (IVT) system. Sample preparation and MSIA-SRM targeted quantitation were as previously described. Results: Heavy PTH with >95% isotope incorporation was expressed using a human IVT system and used to assess MSIA capture efficiency.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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