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Spectral Deconvolution of Multiplex Fragmentation Data without the use of a Non-Fragmentation Scan

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
McClure T, Wright D, Athanas M.
ASMS 2014 Poster
Purpose: This report demonstrates the feasibility of performing spectral deconvolution on LC-MS fragmentation data where alternating fragmentation energy is not employed. Methods: Spectral deconvolution is achieved by correlating chromatographic peak shape functions within a given retention time window. The fragmentation conditions are present in all scans. Results: The utility of this approach is clearly demonstrated by cleanly deconvolving compounds of interest in a complicated matrix to produce spectra that are quite similar to conventional MS-MS spectra of the same compounds. The resulting deconvolved spectra can be searched against libraries of MS-MS spectra.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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