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Rugged and Sensitive Analysis of Mycotoxins in Food Matrices

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Presented by Thermo Fisher Scientific Customers & Specialists
Mycotoxins are found in a staggering range of matrices, from grains to fruits, spices and nuts to animal feed. They are of major concern for a variety of reasons including their negative impact on the worldwide economy from product revenue losses, their toxicity to animals and humans (many are known carcinogens), and their persistence throughout multiple food processing steps. Join us to learn how Pickering Laboratories uses the Thermo Fisher Scientific UltiMate 3000 UHPLC system to analyze key classes of Mycotoxins in food matrices. They use a sensitive and rugged method for the analysis of Aflatoxin in foods as well as an easy, multi-residue Mycotoxin method. Both methods utilize immunoaffinity clean-up followed by UHPLC separation and easy post-column derivatization. Also, discover how high throughput laboratories can benefit from an easy, comprehensive LC-MS/MS method using online sample extraction, also known as Turbo Flow™ technology, to separate Mycotoxins from complex food matrices. This technique eliminates manual sample preparation, improving method reliability and driving down cost per sample.
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