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Rapid Screening of Dietary Supplements with Direct Analysis ID-CUBE Coupled to an Exactive Mass Spectrometer

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Crawford E, Bromirski M.
Application Note 565
The combination of the ID-CUBE coupled to the Exactive high-resolution MS proved to be a rapid and robust tool for screening and fingerprint characterization. The Orbitrap platform provided extremely fast accurate-mass measurements of ❤️ ppm with external mass calibration for all of the analyses, and switching between the ESI source and the ID-CUBE source was very smooth, taking less than 3 minutes total. Optimization of the heating setting was achieved in less than one minute for rapid heating of the sample. Using the standardized OpenSpot sample cards, a single sample analysis could be completed in 10 seconds per card. Both liquids and powders were easily analyzed using the ID-CUBE source as shown in the experiments detecting sibutramine in Pai You Guo herbal weight loss aid. Dietary supplements could be quickly fingerprinted and characterized for quality control testing.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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