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Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Mohtashemi I, Fritzemeier K, Grensemann H, Delanghe B, Horn D, Ueckert T.
ASMS 2012 Video Poster
The speed and ultra-high resolution acquisition of Orbitrap-based technologies have made the characterization of increasingly larger numbers of previously undetectable features in a single run challenging. Data analysis bottlenecks are emerging both with respect to the speed of analysis and the depth of converting large data sets into meaningful information. While traditional database searching techniques still remain in the mainstream of traditional proteomics analysis, other analysis tools are continuously improving in various areas. The breadth and depth of algorithms from academic labs to commercial organizations are daunting, yet an infrastructure does not exist to rapidly develop, deploy and share unique algorithms amongst proteomics scientists. A nodebased development environment is proposed to test and deploy analysis algorithms without unnecessary overhead.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
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