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Quantitation of Testosterone Using Q Exactive Mass Spectrometer - Comparison of APCI, APPI and HESI Sources

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
He K, Kozak M.
Slide Presentation
• We have tested the detection of testosterone with LC-MS/MS using three ionization techniques: HESI, APPI and APCI. • With most of the source parameters consistent, the order of signal intensity of ionized testosterone is (from highest to lowest): APCI, APPI and HESI. • We can detect 5 pg/mL testosterone in neat solutions with both APPI and APCI, but not HESI (>50 pg/mL), under the current conditions. • While APPI ranked in the middle in terms of signal intensity, the background signals were lowest. And we observed excellent calibration curve. • Regardless of the ionization technique, we observe the consistent ion ratio between the two major fragment ions. • Due to multiple reasons, we did not add dopant for APPI, which might further improve the performance. • Concentrations of testosterone in this presentation were the straight-up values in the glass inserts. For real samples, we will have 2 concentration factor and it will improve LLOQ by ~ 2 fold.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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