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Quantitation of Cholesterol Using Q Exactive System

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Dreyer M, Second T.
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• Using High Resolution/Accurate Mass SIM analysis, Cholesterol-D6 is linear from 50 to 50000 fmol on-column in the presence of high levels of Cholesterol. It is possible that the LOD is lower, but standards at 1 and 5 fmol/ul were not included. • Alternate forms of Cholesterol can also be identified in the sample using Full Scan analysis (slide 27). • The Q Exactive can clearly identify the difference between 13C and 15N labeled molecules (slide 11). • There is an effect of high levels of Cholesterol on the analysis of high levels of Cholesertol-D6 (slide 27), but the curve remains linear over four orders of magnitude and the LOQ is 50 fmol on-column, possibly lower.

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