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Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Tejas Gandhi1, Sebastian Müller1, Jan Muntel1, Sebastien Gallien2, Shannon Eliuk3, Oliver M. Bernhardt1, Lukas Reiter1
US Hupo Poster
Plasma proteome is one of the most challenging biological matrices because of its large dynamic range. A classical untargeted proteomics method suffers from this due to oversampling of abundant proteins. Targeted workflows have a higher dynamic range but are difficult to setup and are not as comprehensive as discovery methods. We evaluated the use of a plasma protein assay panel containing SIS peptides measured with a new targeted acquisition method called SureQuant. This method uses the spiked-in SIS peptides to trigger the acquisition of the endogenous peptides. This greatly simplifies the classical targeted acquisition workflows by not needing to schedule peptide acquisition by their retention times. However, analyzing data acquired from such a pipeline poses new challenges. Towards this end, we adapted our analysis pipeline in SpectroDive software to optimally analyze SureQuant data. To validate our pipeline, we measured a dataset consisting plasma from 30 patients (15 healthy, and 15 non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC)) using SureQuant acquisition and compared it with our previous analysis of these samples using MRM acquisition.

1) Biognosys AG, Schlieren, Switzerland, 2) Thermo Fisher Scientific, Paris, France, 3) Thermo Fisher Scientific, San Jose, USA
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