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Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Zhang Y, Hao Z, Viner R, Eliuk S, Blethrow J, Zabrouskov V, Kellmann M, Huhmer A.

• The Q Exactive is well suited for routine in-depth proteome analysis with its five orders of magnitude dynamic range, fast high-resolution MS/MS scan rate of 12Hz, and high quality HR/AM HCD spectrum. • The Q Exactive generates accurate quantification data with high precision (CV<15%) in TMT based quantitative discovery analyses. • The quadruple-based high-resolution SIM scans combined with the unique spectrum multiplexing functionality enable high throughput HR/AM quantification with high selectivity and sensitivity in target verification/quantification studies. • The Q Exactive is a true Qual-Quan mass spectrometer, which allows seamless transition from discovery to target verification/quantification.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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