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Q Exactive – A True Qual-Quan HR/AM Mass Spectrometer for Routine Discovery and Target Quantification in Proteomics

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Zhang Y, Hao Z, Viner R, Eliuk S, Blethrow J, Zabrouskov V, Kellmann M, Huhmer A.

• The Q Exactive is well suited for routine in-depth proteome analysis with its five orders of magnitude dynamic range, fast high-resolution MS/MS scan rate of 12Hz, and high quality HR/AM HCD spectrum. • The Q Exactive generates accurate quantification data with high precision (CV<15%) in TMT based quantitative discovery analyses. • The quadruple-based high-resolution SIM scans combined with the unique spectrum multiplexing functionality enable high throughput HR/AM quantification with high selectivity and sensitivity in target verification/quantification studies. • The Q Exactive is a true Qual-Quan mass spectrometer, which allows seamless transition from discovery to target verification/quantification.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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