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Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Daniel Lopez-Ferrer1, Michael Blank1, Stephan Meding2, Aran Paulus1, Romain Huguet1, Remco Swart2, Andreas FR Huhmer1
Application Note 639
Describes a higher-performing quantitative proteomics workflow compared to current methods using a Thermo Scientific™ EASY-nLC™ 1200 system with a Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap Fusion™ Lumos™ Tribrid™ mass spectrometer with a 75 cm long, 75 μm i.d. capillary column using both 2 and 4 hour gradients.

1Thermo Fisher Scientific, San Jose, CA, USA 2Thermo Fisher Scientific, Germering, Germany
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‎11-09-2021 01:17 AM
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